Thursday, August 30, 2007

more passport bullshit

I've had a redic week of running around while trying to fit in some grinding in between. It sucks too because I've been playing really good and getting a lot of deep finishes not as many wins as usual but they will obv come. Anyways I've had to change my flight 4 times already within this week for Barcelona, had to miss EPT and if stars doesn't move back my heat by a day I will miss my WCP match as well.

Yesterday I woke up after 90minutes of sleep at 830 to drive to Boston to get my passport hand carried and expedited. All seemed to go well the guy said if I had came a few hours earlier he could of had it done before friday sigh another flight changed. I then set up a flight for monday goto the post office around the corner and get it done with what I had to do there. I have a nice 10-15minute chat with the employee there. I make my usual mistake of snickering when she says how the guy must be charging me an arm and a leg I go why how much is he going to charge me and she says a hundred all emphaticly. I laugh and then apologize cuz that just comes off as a rich prick. We talk about poker I toss out a low expectation for me yearly and she's amazed. She then tells me that Mon is a fed holiday so I need to rebook my flights a day later because I won't get my passport till tues. I am now frustrated and decide to skip seeing my cousin and head home.

I get home meetup with an old student of my mothers and watch the yankee game that was fun, go home pass out for 14 hours wakeup see a few missed calls from Massachusetts, get all happy because the guy said if he can get it to me by dfriday he will call me around 11 the phonecalls were at 1120. I call him back and he wasn't in the store at the time talk to one of his employees. He calls me back 30minutes to inform me the nice friendly post office worker didn't seal my application just the envelope therefore it's invalid. Now I need to drive to boston again by tomorow at 9am to get it done by tuesday. This fucking sucks and if I knew I had this much bullshit I would of just blown off my WCP matches.


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