Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Final 24hours

Well I just got home from another great TS trip. I am sure that no future one will be as much fun as this one with all the bullshit that happened between poker players and hotel staff. It was a complete joke how badly they treated us all, it was like we weren't even paying customers. Basically complete harassment of multiple people in many rooms. Constantly barging into the room even when we said no etc. Then making us clean up our room every day it was a joke my mother never gave me that hard of a time about cleaning. Also, I had some very good friends of mine banned from the hotel and/or the whole reservation.

It sucks soo much because everyone there had a great time had a great time playing kickball, seeing superbad, going out for naths bday, and the usual ts rodizio and low limit live cashgames. Also the staff in the poker room are always great to us. I can't say it enough how great of a job Pete, Pete, and Danny did putting together a great tourney series that was a great success for both ends. I had some friends who hit big there as well. Gobbo chopped HU with a TS regular zach for 22.5k, Mlagoo took 2nd in an event for like 22k, and Randall crushed the 5k making a sick day 2 comeback for 105k in a 4way chop with some other good players.

Now that I am home this week getting ready for Barcelona I need to do something I really am not looking forward to doing. Out pet cat has been around a long time 16.5 years, he's gone through soo many odd problems throughout his life. He's had lime disease, lost one eye to glaucoma, had to be quarantined for 6 months due to possibility of rabies. Also has had failing liver and kideneys and about a dozen fights with other animals which he lost pretty much all. Now it's upto me to put him down because no one else in my family will bother. So the last 12 hours I've been back from TS for its just soo weird to be around him knowing I am giving him his last meal etc. Anyways gotta do that sometime today then head to Boston for finalizing my passport.


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