Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Back home

Finally back home a lot has changed my sisters getting ready to goto college, my eldest brother got engaged right before I left for Vegas and now has canceled it. Other brother has a new gf she seems nice in the brief time I've spent around here. I wasn't going to do the P5 monthly PLB challenge because I was enjoying the lax plkay schedule I had while in Vegas. Now that I am home I am feeling more motivated to focus on tourneys for they next month instead of cash games like I've been doing for last 2 months.

I was lucky enough to stumble upon prob the best possible partner lilholdem. We make a sick combo of volume with his sick skills and my running goodness hopefully. I think we are a 25-30% edge to win even with a really sick field. Chad has other prop bets going and he knows I'll carry my weight and I fully expect him to outdo me. I wouldn't be surprised if we both ended top 5 for the month on all of p5. So expect to see me at every tourney that matters for PLB in the next month even while I am at TS for Aug 11-20. Which for anyone undecided about attending I recommend it I was able to help lobby for some of the different tourneys that are being held which are a 6max, 200r, and bounty. Which will be a lot of fun as well as a nice 5k ME too bad it's same day as FTOPS ME but I'll try to bust fast or be CL before ftops stars.


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