Saturday, August 11, 2007

5th at TS 300

Sigh really pissed off had 900k which was 40% of the chips 9 handed table was really weak. I was redic ahead. Lost a bunch of races and other gay hands which were Open AQs, 2.5x younger guy shoves OTB we are 7 handed for 16x I obv snap call he has AKo. Few hands later open Q9s he denfends BB KJ10 2d 1 heart, I have hearts I bet 30k he c/r I stick it in for 175k more AQ good. Then cripling hand guy opens UTG for for 36k I make it 106k He has 275 total he calls A76r flop I shove he instacalls with A7 sigh soo gay.


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